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Aventura Espera

Hello! My name is Sofia Perez-Conrad. I am from Madison,Wisconsin and am going to be a sophomore in high school. While I have traveled quite a bit, this will be a new challenging adventure for me. One of my biggest trips was when I traveled to Tanzania, Africa in 2016. I also have traveled to El Salvador (where my dad is from) many times, as well as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Germany.

My mom’s best friend is Peruvian and so growing up I learned a lot about Peru. I am fascinated by how her dad is helping to return Peruvian artifacts back to Peru. I am grateful to have the opportunity to travel extensively in her native country. While, Peru is very different from El Salvador and the other Central American countries I have visited, I imagine the pieces I love most about C.A. are very similar.

While I can easily feel comfortable anywhere I travel, the one thing that defines home for me is who I am surrounded by, whether it is family or friends. I find comfort sharing a connection with people. I am very extroverted and love talking with people and really getting to know people I meet along the road.

When I am at home in Madison, I enjoy many sports including swimming and pole vault. I also spend most summers at camp in Northern Wisconsin hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. I love the outdoors and can’t wait to travel the diverse terrain of Peru. I have two siblings–Eleanor (8) and Langston (4) and live with my mom and dad. We are a very close family who enjoys doing things together.