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Zhongdian Hauptplatz, Yunnan, Gebetsmühle in Shangri-La

A Day in Lijiang Old Town

It was around 7 AM on a cold morning when we arrived at Lijiang as our group hastily made our way out of a train that we had been trapped in for what seemed like an eternity, but we soon became rejuvinated when we drank ice cold bottled water and ate some rather interesting Chinese snacks. After our rejuvination we were straight off to the main center of attraction in Lijiang: the Lijiang Old Town. At the Old Town, we got to see a huge local market that sold everything from candy, fruits, noodles and even toys. After visting the market and grabbing some breakfast there, we headed off into the main streets of the town, where we witnessed the undeniably beautiful architechture that helped create and install a sense of awe into all of us that made exploring the town a true joy. We then were given the task to examine the effects that tourism had played in the change and development of the town. In my group specifically, we looked at how things such as the architechture, music and even western influences interestly enough helped mold the town into what it is today. We did this by finding local musicans playing live at bars and resturants, watching local Naxi dances and even by eating at a Chinese Pizza Hut.

My day in the Lijiang Old Town doing all of these things will definitely be a memory I’ll cherish for a long time.