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Leaving Linshi

Today we had to leave our homestay families from the LinShi village after breakfast. We had to say goodbye to our aunties and 哥哥. My auntie gifted me a jar of garlic. We then had a short bus ride to DuJiangYan, an ancient irrigation system built in 256 BC that regulates the Min River, a main source of water in Chengdu. After walking a couple of miles, we got lunch in a place that specialized in beef noodle soup, or 牛肉拉面. We got back on the bus and went to the Polytechnical High School to learn how to cook traditional Sichuan dishes. The food turned out great, but I’ve learned that the culinary arts are not for me. After another long bus ride, we finally arrived at the Transportation Hotel, which is better than it sounds. Overall, we are alive and thriving. (Vivian Fang)