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Day 6

On the sixth day of our Cambodian trip we had a range of good experiences. It started off with a few group members waking up early than expected because their clocks were off and coming to the camp early. They helped the clean up because the had extra time of their hands. Soon the others showed up and we started our day. Breakfast was great.Donuts!!!! A funny experience after breakfast was when the kids went to the bathroom and spotted a spider the size of your palm. You can guess that we did not use that anymore. After breakfast we got to really start the afternoon with a bike ride to a bracelet making shop and the group got to make their own one. Next we rode buffalos to our new destination. But don’t be frightened they were actually metal tractors with carts of the back. Our group got caught it the rain because it is wet season over here. We pulled over and ate lunch. When the rain passed we went back to the camp. Time passed and we first presented our memorial projects. Lastly We had a camp fire with all our home stay family because it was our last day in the ecotourism center.