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36+ Hours in the Airport

We are here in the Ft. Lauderdale Mariott hotel with the latest from our intrepid airport adventures. It’s been a long two days of eating airport junk food. Here’s the series of unfortunate, and sometimes ridiculously lucky, events.

Met in the airport. Really awkward first meetings but fun and all tired from waking up early.

Arrived 5 hours early for the flight and eagerly anticipated the short flight. Oh, and a gate change somewhere in there to the opposite side of the airport.

Finally got on the plane hours later. Met some cool ppl sitting near us and practiced Spanish with them.

Waited 3.5 hours on the plane (no AC so we could practice for Guatemala!)

Lighting storms struck and pilots ended their shifts… so we headed back to the terminal for another 5 hours and met more funny people while our amazing trip leaders waited in line to find 35 seats on a plane to Guatemala.

Realizing there were no planes, we got on a train to the airport hotel and got the last 9 rooms in it. Slept in real beds!

Spent another day in the airport. Chili’s waiters are great people and airport food is not the best. Sprinted out of Chili’s to catch a false-alarm flight and then waited a while longer in MIA.

FINALLY, Lauren and Dragons found us rooms at the Marriott, a bus to Ft. Lauderdale, and a plane to Guatemala tomorrow at 8am!! We’ll catch up on sleep tonight, have a great flight tomorrow, and start our adventure in Guatemala!

We’ll keep you posted.


a tired but excited Group 4B