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Yo it’s Patton 😎

Hi! My name is Patton Mooney. I have two parents, two brothers and two dogs. I love music, sleeping, sarcasm, La Croix, reading, medical dramas, Dazed and Confused, Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food and Annie’s Mac and Cheese.  My two favorite places in the world are Lake Burton and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My favorite bands are the Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic and my favorite book is The Glass Castle. I will not go within a 10 feet of mushrooms, I hate when people wake me up from naps, and I cannot stand feet. They freak me out. I am excited for our experience in Bolivia because of the perspectives I will gain and the bonding between our class. I am nervous because I have never been without music for this long and I usually need it to fall asleep, even if I do wake up to Jimi Hendrix in my ear at 3 am. I understand and am excited for the learning experience of this trip, however I hope that we will still have time to relax and have time to hangout together. I can’t wait for this trip and the experiences that we will have!