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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

X-phase Moment

Part of our excursion coincided with Ramadhan -the month of fasting for the Muslim community. At this time of year those who join the fast may only eat and drink after the evening prayer, maghrib, and before the morning prayer, sahur.

During the first few days of Ramadhan our group was in Aceh, the only province in Indonesia where people are not allowed to sell food during fasting hours. Because of this, we had a hard time finding lunch for those of us who did not fast. On the other hand, though, this means we were all very excited to be able to eat at 6:48pm!

The picture above is from my favorite moment of breaking the fast! We bought a selection of Indonesian snacks  (and a few Turkish kebabs we found on the way). We went to the most famous mosque in Banda Aceh, the Baiturrahman mosque (the temple was among the few buildings that were left standing after the 2004 Tsunami). There we waited patiently and when the siren went off… splurge!!!