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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Student flight has departed!

All 9 students are on their American Airlines flight #922 to Miami (Minus Victor and Chris who will continue traveling here in South America). Their flight will stop briefly in Santa Cruz, Bolivia before then flying directly to Miami. Their flight is scheduled to arrive 4:25pm local time.
To our dear students- Thank you for all the energy that you brought this semester. As you transition to life back home or onto your next adventure we hope you take what you learned here with you. Remember the spiritual teachings of Siwar and Miguelinti. Remember the history of Basilio. Remember the passion of Doña Luz. Remember the hospitality of your homestay families. Remember the talent of your ISP mentors. Remember the Saya and all that it stands for. Remember the knowledge of Chris and Don Alberto. Remember the leadership of Americo and Percy. And remember that access to education is the greatest privilege you possess so truly own it.
It was an honor and a privilege to travel with you all these past 3 months. We wish you all the best.
Sandy, Raquel, Erick and Zack