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Photo by Emily Shahrzad Rahravan, Indonesia Semester.

Selamat Jalan!!!

Hello GEBG Indonesia 2018!
I wanted to wish you all well on your trip this summer. I find myself thinking about Indonesia a lot right now. It’s such an amazing place. So many things about this trip have stayed with me and I have kept in touch with many of my colleagues and people I met there. My family in Jogja just reached out to let me know about some sad news and I am deeply moved that they think of me as extended family. The time there is precious and short but the connections are real and lasting. People stay connected.
I hope you have an amazing time.
I am more than happy to answer questions as you prepare to go!
My email is
I wish I was going back again with you!

Selamat jalan!
Kate Randall
The Urban School of San Francisco

PS The little kids in Sampela will love, love, love anything you bring. There are lots of them. Even just something new to taste or wear. Stickers or hair ties. Ask them to sing for you!! Bringing photos of yourself and your family and where you live is important. I did not realize how important. The host families are really curious to see you and where you come from. They may want to keep a photo or two. They are so pleased and honored to host you!