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Sam’s Introduction

Hi everyone!!

My name is Sam Felder, and I’m from Westchester, New York.  I am beyond excited for our trip this summer!  The Eastern Himalayan trip is going to be such an incredible and unique experience for all of us.  I am nervous, though, because I have never gone on a trip without any friends before.  From 2008-2016, I spent my summers at Camp Matoaka, a sleep-away camp in Maine.  Last summer, I spent 3 weeks at UCLA taking classes and also went on a sailing trip where I became certified in scuba diving.  So, I’ve never done anything like what we are about to do, but I am sure this summer will be the most meaningful and impactful out of all of them.

Some random stuff about me…

My favorite things include:

  • breakfast food – omelets, chocolate chip pancakes, and fruit.  I could eat breakfast food for every meal and never get sick of it.
  • dogs – I have a golden doodle named Tillie 🙂
  • sports – I play field hockey and lacrosse at school, but waterskiing is my favorite ever.  I also love to run with really loud music.
  • music – Country!!!… But I love everything.
  • traveling – My family and I try to make the best of our vacations and travel to a variety of places, but in un-touristy ways.  Recently, we’ve been to Sicily, Oahu, Morocco, South Africa, and we are planning a trip to Mexico.
  • talking – I looovveee to talk… not always the best thing 😉
  • the beach – It’s such a happy and relaxing escape to the fast world we live in.
  • learning – I know it sounds nerdy, but I really love to learn.  I hate how school has made learning SO stressful because knowledge is so cool.  I’m psyched to learn about the culture in the places we will go in a very hands on way.

The coolest thing I’ve ever done was diving with great white sharks in South Africa, I don’t have a favorite color, if I could meet any celebrity it would be Harry Styles, my favorite season is summer, and one thing on my bucket list is skydiving.

Well, that’s a little about me.  I can’t wait to hear all about everyone!!!  Only a month to go… Crazy.  So excited for the adventures we are about to embark on together.

See you all soon,