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Salvete from Jaylee


My name is Jaylee Davis and I am beyond excited (although a bit scared) to be traveling to Bolivia with my fellow classmates, learning more about myself, my peers, and a different culture in the process. I am the oldest of three; I have both a younger brother and an even younger sister. Although I am completely ignorant about the Spanish language, I love Latin (as you can probably tell by my title). In fact, Latin is my most favorite subject in school. I am passionate about a lot of things, which leads to a LOT of extra-curricular activities (and the subsequent hectic schedule). I am a part of the journalism staff at our school, which produces a quarterly magazine named “The C&G.” I also currently help produce the “Rhyme and Reason “literary magazine, serve as an active participant of our GSA, HIES Geographic Society, and Debate. I tutor freshmen in Latin I and also throw Shot Put and Discus in Track and Field. Next year, in addition to these activities, I am proud to say that I will be on the Leadership Board for GSA, the Chairman of the Board for HIES Geographic Society, a freshman Peer Mentor, and participating in our still very nascent drumline.

Despite my enthusiasm for the trip, I am still very worried. The root of all my anxiety is that this will be my very first time outside of the country, so I have no idea what to expect. Environments are extremely influential to me and my moods and experiences. It often takes me a while to adapt to new surroundings and I fear this might dampen my enjoyment of the opportunity being presented to me. I promise, however, to remain positive and patient with myself and others as I acquaint myself with Bolivia. On the upside, I am a very curious person. I am excited to learn about the culture — especially concerning food, music, politics, and lifestyle of the Bolivian people. I hope that my “bubble” increases as my Global teachers promised, that my peers and I don’t get on each other’s nerves too much, and that my instructors allow me to explore as many parts of the Bolivian experience as possible.

I hope also that this wasn’t too long. Another thing that everyone should know (and that my peers already know very well) is that I, like Cicero, am characteristically long-winded.


Jaylee Davis


P.S. I also wear glasses but don’t take pictures with them often because of the glare.