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108 braids... the devotional representation of a sacred Tibetan number. Photo by Rebecca Thom, China Semester.

Rural homestay in western Sichuan

Dear Friends and Families,

On Friday, May 4th, the BYChina group will close up their time at the Erfo Temple in Maitan old town and spend the night in the city of Chongqing. The following day, they will take a train to Chengdu and then a six to eight hour car ride to their rural homestay in Danba County, western Sichuan. For five days they will base out of a Tibetan agricultural community and will be given the opportunity to work and learn alongside local villagers. Part of their focus will be to assist in the construction of a local house/shelter. From May 11th forward, the group will likely enter their student-led X-Phase and students will take the reigns on travel logistics, communication, etc. through May 24th when the group arrives in Kashgar (more details to come on this travel portion!) From May 24th to May 28th the group will participate in their final transference activities and then will fly from Kashgar back to Kunming on May 29th. They will spend a final day in Kunming before boarding their international flight on May 31st.

Once travel details have been finalized for the May 11-May 24th window we will post them to the yak board!


Elizabeth Johnson
Dragons Princeton Bridge Year Program Director