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Personal Electronics.

We know it’s tough.  Smart phones, iPads, youPads, wePads—these devices have changed from communication tools into multi-tools, like electronic Swiss Army Knives. It seems almost inconceivable that twenty-three years ago, when the first Dragons program headed over to China, almost nobody had or needed a cell phone, even when traveling abroad. With that in mind, we’d like to make this trip’s electronics policy clear so that you can prepare. First, you’ll see some bullet points on our policies. After that, we’ll explain the reasons behind the policies. We welcome any questions you may have.

Please Do Not Bring:

  • Computers. These will not be useful and could easily get broken during our travels.
  • Tablet devices, such as iPads and Kindle Fires.
  • iPod or other MP3 players
  • Cell phones.

Unless you’ve talked with Dragons administration about special circumstances, you should not be bringing these items. Even if you use your cell phone as a camera, we ask that you please seek an alternative. If you bring any of these devices, we’ll ask you to turn it in to us, and it will be returned to you at the end of the program. We will do our best to care for any phone we hold for you, but we’ll be traveling  and any loss or damage will be your responsibility.

We understand that these devices are an important part of society these days, but we’ve also seen that they can become a distraction and pull students out of the present moment while on course. This will be an incredible opportunity to experience life unplugged, and we hope you’re up for the experience! We will provide plenty opportunities to access internet and communicate with home, and there will always be local music playing in the buses, houses or schools… so don’t worry about that.

Totally Fine to Bring:

  • Cameras
  • Kindles or other E-readers whose primary function is reading, not surfing the Internet.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon!

Hasta Pronto !

Lauren, Randall and Erick