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Hey guys! My name is Sarah Cassady and I’m from a really small town in Kentucky called Auburn. I’m 16 years old and am currently finishing up my sophomore year of high school at South Warren. I love to travel and I’ve been fortunate enough to have had past opportunities to go cool places without family, but I’ve never left the country before and I’m very excited to do so now! The Mesoamerican region had always interested me, especially relative to culture and history, so I was ecstatic to learn that I would be traveling to Guatemala this summer. During our trip, I’m really hoping to improve my Spanish (I’ve only had two high school classes) and be able to truly participate in the local cultures, which is why I’m especially looking forward to the homestays.

Outside of school, I really enjoy volunteer work. The best days of my week are always when I volunteer at New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding Center, where I get to help give horseback riding lessons to students with special physical and mental needs. I’m also an avid reader and I’m constantly ready to learn something new. On the average day, you can usually find me spending time with friends or caring for my constantly growing collection of plants!

Looking forward to meeting you all in 36 days (not that I’m counting :D)!