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Khamrimo! Warm greetings!

Congratulations on taking the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful, motivating and empowering experience with Dragons. A journey awaits you in this vibrant region of the Eastern Himalayas of West Bengal and Sikkim, India.

My name is Sharon Salomi Sitling and I will be your Course Director for your summer program in Sikkim. I will be working along with two other instructors who are exceptionally capable and gifted leaders. We are very lucky to have them aboard our team on this summer course. I am super excited about this program and much more that you will be joining us here for this wonderful journey. I believe this will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.

My journey with Dragons has been filled with a lot of exploration and discovery for students and instructors alike. This will be my fifth course with Dragons and as much as I love traveling, I enjoy sharing the beauty of this region with our students. Being born and raised here and having spent quite sometime in the States, I have been blessed with the opportunity to understand and appreciate two different cultures.

Presently, I am balancing life between being a year round instructor with Dragons and  slowing the pace taking time off with family, developing a fully sustainable organic farm in a place called Sittong. This place is located at an altitude of 900 mtrs on the Darjeeling foothills in West Bengal also one of the village stay destinations on your course. Every course in the dragons program has been a unique experience for me and I am very excited for another opportunity to learn from you all.

As course director on the program,  I am responsible for understanding, counselling and making certain that all dragons goals are executed. I have been working with Dragons office in Boulder, our Program Director and our two other amazing instructors to ensure this summer is safe, educational, motivating, and an empowering experience for all of you.

My goals this summer is to ensure safety, learn a lot and have fun with you all. To enable each one of you to gain a better sense of understanding of yourselves and your environment, the place and the people you will be visiting. I hope through your time spent here you will come to learn more about yourselves and about this beautiful region of the Eastern Himalayas that has so much to offer.

In order to work towards the achievement of these goals, I have been managing potential risk on course to make it as safe as possible, planning out the course and designing our course vision with your instructors.

I would like to inform you that this summer your course will focus on local experience – meaning getting you out in the market, finding your way through streets with little or no direction signboards, organising hikes/events, working as a team etc.  We have found that these are the experiences which will stay with you. An eye opening adventure awaits you and I am waiting eagerly to meet you all and start the journey.

We suggest you to read former dragon students Yak postings. These can give you an insight into what your experience will feel like. We would also like to encourage you to carve out some time now to write your introductions and post in on the Yak board, we would absolutely love to know more about you!

As we get closer to our departure, if you have any questions, ideas, or comments please feel free to email me anytime at

For any application based questions please contact Boulder office directly.

Agyap Tokchimo! (Thank you)

Sharon Sitling.