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Instructor Introduction!

Hello from Boulder, CO!

My name is Grace, and I, along with Shuier, Gong, and Noam, will be one of your instructors on the Silk Road program this summer! I am beyond excited to get to know all of you in just over a month. I first heard of Dragons in 2010, when a friend of mine embarked on a four-week trip to Rwanda. She returned with such incredible stories, that I was instantly hooked by Dragons philosophy on travel and cultural immersion.

My interest in experiential and outdoor education only grew from there, and I threw myself into any opportunities that took me off the beaten path. This included extended travel in South Asia during a much-needed Gap Year. It was there, while participating in a NOLS course, that I learned the value in being uncomfortable. I returned to the Unites States and attended the University of Colorado Boulder to study Sociology. I have since settled in Lyons, Colorado, a small town just north of Boulder, and continued to work seasonally as a mountain biking and backpacking instructor at the High Trails Outdoor Education Center.

I began working for the Dragons office in October of 2017, recruiting prospective students and helping them navigate the admissions process. I have loved being able to connect with such enthusiastic and eager individuals such as yourselves. This will be my first summer instructing with Dragons. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, hiking, mountain biking, and climbing with my pup, Luca.

Our six weeks together in China will be intense, rugged, and sometimes overwhelming, but I know it will also be incredibly rewarding. I find that students experience the most growth when they are challenged, and I have no doubt this will prove to be a profound and life changing experience. I look forward to learning, laughing, and exploring with each of you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, you can find me during office hours at 303 413 0822, or by email at

All my best,