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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

Instructor Introduction

To our soon-to-be Morocco Dragons students,

I would like to take some time to introduce myself and encourage you to introduce yourself on the Yak Board. Along with my fellow co-instructors, I am very excited and filled with curiosity about your lives and inspirations.

To start with me, my name is Ismail Bahallou and I was born and raised in Morocco. I currently live in the middle south of the country. Specifically live in the town of Goulmima which is in the Errachidia Province. I am passionate about exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and exploring the hidden places around the world. In addition, I enjoy a number of different sports and also hiking. I have always inspired by thinking outside the box, looking for what is behind the ordinary, adventure, and getting to know what the world is hiding. There are so many insights a person can gain when meeting new people from different cultures, which will soon do yourself when you arrive in Morocco.

During my undergraduate studies I traveled to another city in order to pursue my higher education at the University of Moulay Ismail in the city of Meknes. While at university I chose to enroll in English Studies. Most recently, I have been working as a Language and Cross-Cultural Facilitator with the US Peace Corps in Morocco. It has now been more than 12 years in which I have spent much of my time visiting different cities in Morocco. Many of these travels were with group of Americans Peace Corps trainees as I served as their guide and facilitator for their volunteer work in Morocco. Peace Corps  has provided me with a number of additional training and engagement experiences, including attending a workshop about Project Design and Management and working to deliver STEM camp.

As the weather changes quite a lot in Morocco, it is good to consider bringing at least one warm layer on the program. However ,in many parts of the country, it is extremely hot in the summer, so you well do well not to forget to have your water bottle, sunglasses, and hat with you always.

So, that’s a little about me! Feel free to use Yak Board to tell us, your future instructors and co-travelers, about yourself.

See you soon all in Morocco!


Ismail Bahallou