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Hola Dragoncit@s

Hola  Dragoncit@s …

I hope you are well and are accumulating energy to enjoy, learn and share during this summer program with us … we will have a wonderful experience!

My name is Ana Salazar Torrez, I’m from Bolivia and I live in the city of El Alto which is 4,100 meters above sea level.  My city is very interesting because it is mostly inhabited by Aymara indigenous people, therefore it is a rebellious and socially active city.

I work in a cultural center, COMPA, which means Community of Producers in the Arts, and I have also been part of a theater group called Teatro Trono for the past 19 years. What we try to do with the theater group is demonstrate, through artistic works, what was and is currently lived in our country, Latin America and the world with a critical perspective about different issues such as gender, the environment, and identity.  We hope to make our voices, thoughts and feelings heard so as not to forget the history that our peoples and communities have carried over time.  I work with youth, ladies of pollera (cholitas, or indigenous women who wear traditional dress), children who live inside the prison system with their parents, teachers, and educators to give workshops on theater, circus, dance, percussion, and other art forms so that, through these tools, they can express their thoughts and feelings about the reality in which they live.  This work supports people in the community in recovering their self-esteem, identity and becoming sensitive and critical people in the face of challenges. It is a very exciting and arduous job!

I have been a part of the Dragons family for some time, first through my work with COMPA and now as an instructor.  This will be my fourth program and I feel each time as if it were the first … so much emotion!  I am sure that in the time that we are together we will learn, share and develop new views about the world.

I am very happy to know each one of you and share our knowledge, desires, dreams, realities and everything that is possible during the time that we are together.  I hope that we can create spaces of well-being, freedom, fellowship, affection, and always friendship.  We are able to open our minds and hearts to what is different and as long as we are willing to give and receive from others.

We will have time to get to know each other better when we meet very soon!

I wait for you with my arms and my heart open …

See you soon, my dear dragones!

Abrazos sinceros…