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Hi from Patricia and welcome to China!


Hi Everyone, this is Patricia Li. I am very glad to be back to Dragons this summer and going to merge myself into China again with all of you.

Currently I am living in Dali City, one of the top tourist destinations in Yunnan. Hopefully we are able to visit this amazing city during this summer since it has a good mix of culture, heritage and modernity. This year I spend most of my time building the Eco House in Dali by crowd-funding and working with almost 30 volunteers so far. The house will act as a base for people who want to experience Zero Waste & Minimalism Lifestyle.

I hope that Eco House can inspire people to find their own way of living. Day to day, I also practice the zero waste lifestyle, rejecting things which I don’t need; sourcing things that are produced locally and buying things with minimal packaging. I wish to share this way of living more with you all when we meet. I also practice natural farming, try to decrease my own consumption and find more sustainable ways to lead a simple life. Before joining Dragons in 2016, I spent my time and energy in building traveling platform in a shared economy way. By working closely with local experts who like to share their free time with travellers, we created a product called Citywalk in 5 cities which provides a local and personalized experience to travelers.

I took my own “gap year” in 2015 as the beginning of a new chapter in my life. That year I left everything behind and backpacked to the 10 places I always wanted to visit. During these 14-months of traveling, I was convinced that traveling is a great way to learn and I learned about love, caring for others, and being passionate about life. All these are the essence of life as a human being which I realized were missing in my previous education.

I am aiming to travel up to 100 countries in my lifetime and seek the nature in the places I go. Hiking in New Zealand Kepler Track; diving in Malaysia Tioman islands; running in Kyoto Japan for full marathon and Australia Gold Coast for half; motorbiking in Vietnam from Hanoi to Hoi An, are some of the things that make me excited about living and traveling.

I can’t wait to see you all coming to China this summer.

Talk to you all very soon.

Patricia Li