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Hey dear Students!

Hey dear Students!

I am very happy to meet you soon and experience with you a beautiful adventure together to enjoy the process of learning.

I am Sandy, I was born in one of the Amazonian regions of Bolivia, in the village named Caranavi, in the Yungas province (Department of La Paz). I am an Afro-descendant woman and I have a strong connection with my Afro-Bolivian culture that was created and developed thanks to the legacy of my ancestors who were brought from Africa to South America and the connection they made with the Andean and Amazonian peoples of Bolivia.

I studied Social Communication in the city of Cochabamba, the third largest city of Bolivia, specializing in cultural studies in the field of communication for development. In my thesis I analyzed the importance of cultural identity in development and collective empowerment processes. Besides my academic carreer, I carry out activities related to the defense and strengthening of human rights and the cultural identity of Afro-descendant communities and Afro-descendant women as a professional and as an activist.

Interculturalism, the encounter of different cultures, is a fundamental element with which you will have to confront in your trip through Bolivia. These country is a meeting of diverse cultures, kaleidoscopes of different worldviews, music, beliefs and visions of the world that coexist in these territories. It will be a pleasure to accompany you in this discovery process by putting at your availability my knowledge and personal and professional experience related to intercultural processes.

In particular, I want to share with you the history, culture and the music of my Afro-bolivian community, and help you understand how we can empower ourselves and develop in society through the transmission and preservation of our cultural practices and cultural identity.

In these lands, diversity is not only cultural but also geographical. Here we have pampas, jungles, mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, deserts, valleys that extend from the lowlands to the highest mountains of the continent. Be prepared to travel through spaces that are at the same time very similar and very different.

Traveling through the Andes and the Amazon means a journey in space, in time and within oneself, the great connection of the peoples of these territories with nature, which here we call Pachamama, is accompanied by a deep spirituality that calls us to reconsider our relations with Mother Earth and with the other human and living beings.

I am very excited to accompany you on this journey of personal and spiritual growth, I am sure it will be a long and exciting trip that will give us a great reward.

See you soon, if you have any questions or curiosity you may have can write me to this e-mail address: