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Hello from your Course Director!

Hola Dragoncitos!

Rich here. I am absolutely psyched that you’re coming to meet me in Guatemala, aka Guatelinda, aka Guatemágica!

I’ve been living in Guatemala since 2013. I came to get my Spanish down, but when you take leaps like that you find that as you travel entire galaxies of unexpected wonder open before you. That’s just what happened to me. Since I arrived, I’ve been working with a human rights and development magazine, and that work has opened my eyes to new ways of seeing the world and my place in it. (If you’re curious, here’s the Lots of good stuff in Spanish and English!) I’ve also had the pleasure of leading a couple of mind-blowing Dragons summer courses.

All of this has put me in touch with some truly inspiring people and breathtaking places that I look forward to sharing with you.

“Community in Action.” I can’t think of a better phrase to express what I’ve been learning for over four years here. Community as a way of expressing and creating joy. Community as a way of confronting injustice. Community as a way of remembering that even if you don’t remember the past, the past remembers you.

I stole that last line from a podcast! But it’s very relevant here. Half the country speaks a Native American language, and people often see their actions in the context of centuries of history, whether they’re planting their fields or demonstrating for their rights.

I’d better get back to planning our adventures! We’ll have some exciting news for you this coming week.

Hasta pronto,

–       Rich