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Hello from Woodland, CA

Greetings.  I am excited for our journey.  I’m equally excited to learn more about teaching interdependence/empathy, and climate science.  Teaching is my second career.  I worked as a financial analyst for several years, but when my children we’re young I realized how important teaching is, so I went back to school.  I have taught students in grades K-12.  All of my teaching has included teaching English to students new to the US.  I currently teach at a school that is 100% free breakfast, and lunch, and for students who stay after school for tutoring, or enrichment we have a supper program.  My school also offers classes to parents. Parent classes are on parent empowerment, and English.  I live in the town where I teach, so I often see my students when I’m out, and about.

I love to travel.  I lived in the Philippines for three years.  I have traveled through many parts of Mexico, and Guatemala.  In December of 2016 I was lucky enough to hike in Nepal.  This excited my Nepalese students and their families greatly.   I also love gardening, and my dogs.  I can’t wait to meet everyone, and begin to learn from, and with everyone.  Annie