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Hello from Cat :)

Hey there! My name is Catherine Shamanski, but sometimes, people call me “Cat.” I’m going to go ahead and dive right in: I have a brother who is 13 and really into baseball. I also have great parents and two as equally great dogs. Something interesting about my family is that on my mom’s side, I have two adopted cousins, one from the Ukraine and the other from Guatemala. On my dads side, I have an aunt who moved to Amman, Jordan with her husband and their 2 year old daughter a few years ago.

Some passions of mine are languages, softball, music, and, of course, sleep. This year, I decided to take French for the first time, as well as continue Spanish. I have been taking Spanish since I was in kindergarten and would like to consider myself pretty good. I love learning about culture and customs foreign to me, too; there is something about other countries that piques my interest. When I was younger, my mom’s best friend was from El Salvador, and I would definitely say she influenced my love for Spanish. This year, my Spanish teacher got me into telenovelas, and I am now addicted. I prefer the shows from Spain, however the ones from Mexico are just as dramatic and captivating. A fun fact is that when I was about 13ish, I started watching the TV series, “Switched at Birth, ” and I immediately fell in love with Sign Language. I told my parents, found classes nearby, and signed up on my own to take the language for two summers. I would like to start back up again, if I could find some extra time. As much as I am studious in school, I also enjoy sports. I play softball and am continuing to get better this year as the new seasons starts to come around again. I also love spending my free time watching baseball, which is why I am a manager for the high school teams. I weekend at the Braves stadium is a day well spent. I also have a passion for music; I play the piano, ukulele, and have touched other instruments like the violin, african drums, and a little singing. I find something about music important to my everyday life. Just as my horizons expand when it comes to language, so does music: I love Spanish and French music, too. I study and do extracurriculars, but there should always be a time to relax. So, I do that by sleeping in until about 1pm most Saturdays.

When I heard about the opportunity to take a trip in the Global program, I jumped on the opportunity. I am excited to get to practice my Spanish, try the foods, and get to know the people. However, since the date is getting closer, I am beginning to have more reservations. All I can do now is prepare.

Thank you and sorry for the informality,