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Hello and a few questions.


I’m Elliott Bloom and I will be one of the students traveling with everyone this summer. I am 15 years old and I currently live in Virginia but have moved around a lot in the past 6 years. I was born in Colorado and have lived there most of my life before moving to the Netherlands, Florida, and Virginia. I am very athletic, having run for 6 years and have just started to row for my high school team.

I am very excited as well as nervous for the summer and I have a few questions about packing.

First, cosmetics.  I am not going to bring all of my cosmetics but is there anything you recommend bringing that would make the trip more comfortable?

Second, checking bags. My dad wanted to ask since we are checking our trekking backpacks, is there something we can do to protect the backpack? or is that not necessary?

Third, cell phones. I know that if we bring our phones to Newark airport we need to hand them into the instructors. I was wondering if we are allowed to use them on the flight from Newark to Delhi. I usually listen to music on long flights and need to know if I should bring something else to do.