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Guatemala Here We Come!

To the Guatemalan Dragons,

We are about to embark on a journey and adventure through Guatemala, learning about culture, communities, and language. We have shifted our focus from Nicaragua to Guatemala; however, our vision of community in action remains intact and the core of our program. We eagerly look forward to meeting you and sharing this experience with you.

My first international journey led me to India, when I was 19, to volunteer in an orphanage. This is where I started to really see the connection of all communities, the threads of conflict & resolution in past & present events, and that everyone shares common aspirations & struggles.  I have continued my international journey visiting over 22 countries, leading over 50 trips, and volunteering in 6 community-based educational programs. My passion is how travel can bring clarity to what it means to be human and how education makes a lasting difference.

My career path has been diverse, but contains the theme of education, travel, and science. I have had the opportunity to work as an engineer for 5 years and a science teacher for 1 year. Although I loved what I did, there was something missing, which was the spirit of experiential education and traveling. I then embarked on leading trips around the world. This soon shifted into a joint position between leading trips and doing all things data & staffing. In my spare time, I can be found running, biking, talking with friends and family, planning my next adventure, taking photos, anything involved with water, or hanging out with my little ones.

Although this is my first course with Dragons, I have over 50 international trips under my belt. I have taught high school to college level, to community based educational programs. I am certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. As well as having ample experience in backpacking, community based organizations, a worldwide perspective on global treads, and anything science. My goal for this course is to shape an experiential educational course with all of you.

When traveling I challenge myself to remain flexible and really see the culture. Often Plan A or B come together, but as we’ve seen already on this course we can be on Plan C rather quickly (can you say Guatemala instead if Nicaragua). In my experience, it is here in Plan C that education, adventure, the unexpected, and the moments that shape who we are occurs.

I look forward to meeting everyone soon. If you need to reach me before the course, please don’t hesitate to contact me at