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Rice paddy terraces

Greetings from your Instructor!


I’m Julie Farrell (but will also answer to 范竹丽, “other Julie,” etc.), and though I’ve met most of you over Skype already, I’ll give you a bit more context about myself and what I do here in Sichuan.

I grew up in Tacoma, Washington. My very first China experiences were on school trips that allowed me to see not only the tourist sites, but also to interact deeply with locals and explore Chinese culture with an open heart and mind. These experiences were challenging at times, but ultimately left me wanting more. I’ve been studying, living, and working in China off and on for the past ten years. I am passionate about creating opportunities for students to see China from various angles, which is why I am so excited to welcome you all here in June!

Currently I am an M.Sc. candidate in Agroecology–which means I study farming and food systems here in China–focusing particularly on La Yue Mountain Village, where we will spend four days living and learning alongside our generous hosts. I recently founded the Sichuan Seed Library to preserve traditional crop varieties, and work with a number of local partners on farming and rural development projects across the province. Naturally, my love of farming extends as well to food, so everyone had better be ready for ample amounts of what is generally considered to be *ahem* the BEST local cuisine in China!

As Petal mentioned, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have about the trip. We are so excited to share this experience with you all. See you very soon!