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Zhongdian Hauptplatz, Yunnan, Gebetsmühle in Shangri-La

First Day in Kunming…Tea, Tea and more Tea


Today was our first day of the program here in Yunnan, south of the clouds, and our students were wonderful today- stepping up to use their Chinese with locals, helping to buy water and supplies for the group and being polite and culturally appropriate at all times. I’m sure all parents out there want to hear that their child has been wonderful, but this is even more amazing when taking into consideration the group had only 3-4 four hours sleep last night, after arriving at 3am!

We started the day orienting the students to the program at a Jeet Kune do centre. It definitely felt apt talking about how to challenge ourselves, remain in the learning zone and how to be the best version of ourselves on this program with Bruce Lee’s portrait watching mindfully over us.

After morning orientation activities we headed to a tea shop owned by the parents of another McCallie student to learn about tea culture in China. Yunnan was one of the main stops on the old Tea Horse Road and the culture of sipping on numerous cups of delicious Pu’er cha, whilst chatting with friends is still a part of everyday life for many people here in Kunming.

Here are are some photos of the students taking in a tea ceremony and enjoying the odd cup…or 5!

More soon,

Mark, Ling, Marcus and Yuemei