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Checking in – what to expect between now and Miami

¡Hola estudiantes y familias!

This morning there is some great energy in Perú. The men’s national football team just played their last friendly match in Perú in preparation for their first appearance at the World Cup Final in 36 years. Today, they leave to train in Europe for the remaining two weeks before their opening competitive match in Russia (against Denmark on Saturday 16 July at 12:00 pm EST!!!). People were hoping for a strong despedida and la selección responded with a dominant 2-0 win over Scotland last night in Lima! #ArribaPerú

Just like the blanquiroja, the I-team is entering a phase of more intensive preparation for the course. Here are the most important steps that you can expect from us between now and Miami.

First, stay tuned to the Yak board for the following messages:

  • Later today, we will publish a note describing the Focus of Inquiry of our course – what we aim to make the heart and soul of our experience in Perú. Please take time to read it carefully and react mindfully! We imagine the course beginning within you the moment that you connect to the FOI.
  • Next, you’ll see a summary of our TENTATIVE itinerary. We are very excited for our plan, but remember that anything can change based on conditions upon arrival to Perú as we are guest of local lands and people.
  • Then we’ll publish three Yaks with more practical advice for preparation for the course. The first will be Packing Notes (hint: we plan to be in the extreme cold, moderate climates, and very warm rainforest). Second will be Altitude Tips to be prepared for the very high elevation here in the Cusco area. Lastly, you’ll see our Technology Policy so you know what electronics to leave behind and bring along.
  • Next week, look out for our invitation to write your own Student Introductions and complete a Pre-Course Assignment.

Second, next week, the three of us will be reaching out to each of you for one-on-one phone conversations. We want to have these calls completed by June 13 as we’ll then begin our own orientation which will keep us pretty busy. The purpose is to discuss any questions you may have as you prepare and to begin to get to know you as people and Dragons students. We’ll get important information for our arrangements with local partners, for example. How is your Spanish? Your Quechua?!

We hope that this information sounds good to you. You’ll be hearing much more very soon!

-L@s instructores

p.s. the pictures is NOT of the men’s national team – it’s a match between two club teams at a park in Urubamba.