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Cambodia Summer Program.


Chum Reap Soua all! My name is Yut and I am originally from Siem Reap, home to all the magnificent Angkor Temples. Traditionally and linguistically when we introduce ourselves to someone we normally refer to ourselves as Khmer – “I am Khmer” or K’nyom Khmer” instead of “I am Cambodian”. I can’t wait to share and teach you all how to speak Khmer too! The pronunciation can be a little tricky at first but the grammar is easy, and I’m sure you will be able to have a simple conversation in no time!

I was a Buddhist monk for many years, throughout my high school and university education. I am really inspired by the theme of this amazing adventure that we are all going to experience in Cambodia – Peace Building and Conservation. Peace and Non-Violence is one of the most important principles of Buddhism, and I personally very passionate on this topic. I am so proud that Cambodia could be the perfect place for us all to learn about ourselves and the world, and I can’t wait to be part of this transformative experience in my beautiful country.

I would like everyone to come on this journey with an empty-cup and an empty-mind, so that it will help us all to have great appreciation of all the things we will learn and experience together. I am so honored to host you all, and especially to do so alongside Kelsey and Claire.

Awkun Ch’ran!