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What excites me so much for the trip is the experiences we will get from the different outlooks of the culture of Bolivia and our homestead. What makes me nervous for Bolivia is the chance of during trekking that we will get lost and have no communication with any modern day civilization. My expectations for the instructors is to know especially where they are going in a general sense and to have a backup plan of travel if we are stranded. My expectation for my self is primarily coming from a latino back round is to know the culture and langue generally well. And for the group ourselves, my expectation is for us not to stand out and try to at least be respectful of the culture we are about to embark especially one that has not been influenced by America much in anyway. For me to have a fulfilling experience is for my peers to want to learn about were going, for that to happen I will not have to feel awkward or weird wanting to learn a little more to further my experience.