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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

A few logistical questions


The trip looks amazing. It is nice to see the leaders and to read about their backgrounds.

I have a few logistical questions:

1. Are kindles permitted?

2. Is it recommended to bring a back-up prescription of antibiotics for digestive issues?   I did read the course prep guide that indicated that we should check with a travel doctor, but I thought I would ask about the ease of getting this while on course in Bhutan if needed there. (Do most people bring a back up, or does Dragons usually handle these things as they come up?).

3. Regarding the credit card for emergencies option…. Is it sufficient to have participants bring ATM cards and put money on it if needed in case of an emergency? (There will be some money in there of course, but not an emergency amount unless needed)

4. Do we need to do anything further for the Bhutan Visa or will Dragons take care of that and participants just arrive in NYC with their passport?

Thanks very much for clarifications!