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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

What is the Divine?

On my 20th birthday I sat on a god. To be fair I had no earthly idea that I had sat on a god. How was I to know that many years ago a stranger brought a large rock into the home of Ram Badadur ji and stated, “In this rock lies a god.” Unaware of its origins I took refuge on it for it was the only dry patch of earth, because I refused to get my butt wet by sitting on anything that was damp. I am to this day sorry of my ignorance. However, it remains to be determined of whether I was blessed or cursed. For the days to follow my encounter with the god I was plagued with intense stomach and intestinal issues. Could this have been an uncomfortable factor that neither the god nor I could control? Could it be that my meeting of the god was a blessing in itself? A reminder that I am experiencing life in all of its beauty and because of that it should never be taken for granted.