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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Trek Yak

The trek was a rollercoaster, it pushed me out of my comfort zone for sure and showed me parts of myself I’ve never seen before. The trek started out with an intimidating set of stairs and didn’t get easier from there as I battled a headcold and battered ankle. It was hard to step out of the moment on the trek as the experience was physically and emotionally draining, but looking back now, it feels like the time flew by and walking 6 hours in a day feels like nothing. The trek made me appreciate smaller things, like the tea time when we reached camp, or Ludo with Pasang on our off days. When I reached Chokati two of the most relaxing things were things I dreaded at the urban homestay, a cold shower and doing laundry. I appreciated the mundane through the trek as well as appreciating the extreme. Trekking through the snow was unique and spectacular as much as it was freezing and wet. The trek came to a peak at the glacier lakes in Na, the view may have been the most beautiful sight I have seen, it gave me a chance to look around and take in everything. The trek brought my through the colds of winter and the heat of summer. At the mid point I learned Jutho Paani and played against the cooks, their food was incredible, sometimes too good leaving me bloated on the trail. Psang, our guide, was a huge help, making me bamboo sticks or teaching me card games whenever he had the chance. The trek was a challenge, in ways I could not have expected, but it is a challenge I am glad I took.