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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


It’s all the little things combined that show personal growth. Honestly I feel we spend too much time searching for the mind-blowing changes in ourselves that we miss the little details that really matter.

Coming from a background of plain and picky eating, I have come very far. Almost every meal in Nepal has some kick to it, and the style is definitely a type I’m not used to. Especially when it comes to meat nothing is wasted, so I’ve learned to ignore the random crunch in my food. And I say this with no intention to disrespect the food. Every place I’ve been has had the greatest food I’ve ever tasted; I simply needed to build my spice tolerance.

I have also noticed that the way I observe places has changed. I can either look upon a place and be consumed by the negative aspects, or I could instead enjoy the community that inhabits the rooftops, observe the morning pujas, or watch the dedicated towns’ people as they make their way to the temple to worship. It’s taken time to see this way but its 100 times better and makes life so much more enjoyable.

And finally the last little thing I will touch on is language. It’s finally starting to stick. Now that we are in the tiny village of Ale Gaun, where hardly anyone speaks English, the pressure to actually learn kicks in. Though definitely half the time I’m very confused, the other half is actual communication and that’s so exciting. But the best part in my opinion is when we mess up and make each other laugh so hard. For example Missy said something that made our host sister die with laughter, (I have no idea what she said), and in return another family member said she was from “New Hamster.” It’s honestly not that funny but at the time it killed me and we all had a good laugh.

So as we see, the little things grow, thus allowing me to grow, and in the end so many experiences will have accumulated that my new mind will be overflowing with excitement and knowledge.

Hope all is well at home. I send my love 🙂