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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek

To family and friends,

The Mekong team is completing their trek along the Tiger Leaping Gorge today. After descending the trail, they will make their way south to Dali this evening where they will meet Angela Cun. Tomorrow, they will round Erhai Lake and begin their ascent of Jizu Shan (Chicken Foot Mountain) toward the Tibetan Buddhist temples strewn atop the peaks.

Enjoy these images from the Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek. These pictures were taken many thousands of feet above the Yangtze Gorge, which cleaves a canyon between 19,000ft the Yulong Xue Shan and Haba Xue Shan massifs. The students are having an absolutely amazing time in China, despite it being the shortest time in a particular country. Expect more to come during the final week of the adventure.