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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Thanks to the amazing group that guided our kids

We all have been glued to the Andes Group B Yak Posts for the past three months hearing about each step of the amazing adventure experienced by our children. As parents, we wanted to take a minute to thank the absolutely incredible staff that have guided them during this life journey. Even though each kid choosing to take a Dragons course over a standard path is, of course, very special, we know that living with a group of young adults for this prolonged period certainly must have its challenges, even our perfect children.

A HUGE, enormous, gigantic thank you for guiding our kids though this experience and dealing with all of their angst, crisises and insecurities at this important juncture in their lives. We appreciate every step that you took to help this group grow beyond our wildest dreams.

While we each wait for our kids to return as potentially different versions of what we sent off 3 months ago, sending you, the guides and organizers, a big thanks and virtual hug from all of us.

Dan and Caroline (Becca’s parents)