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Team India Itinerary Update

Dear Family, Friends, Mentors, and Loved Ones,

We are headed into our final weeks of this course and wanted to provide you with an update about our itinerary.  Please understand that over the next 2.5 weeks there will be minimal access to internet for our group. If you need to be in touch with someone on course, please be in contact with our office at or +1-303-4130-0822 and they will be able to contact the instructors.

Currently we are at SECMOL School in Ladakh and will be here for a week. This weekend we move into our rural home-stays for another week, where students will be living with families in small groups. We are excited for this time because it will allow for us to learn more about Ladakhi culture, participate in household activities, and further connect and reflect as a group. After our home-stays we will have a five-day trek in Sham Valley, which will bring us into the mountains and over beautiful passes.
Our final few days will be spent in a quiet village west of Leh where we will have transference; a time when the group looks at all we have learned and talk about ways to bring that experience to our homes and the next phases of our lives. From there we head to Delhi for 24 hours then depart for our next adventures!

Thank you for your continued support and excitement for our group over this semester. We have been really embracing the change of pace that Ladakh has brought to our group. Living with the Himalayas towering above us and trading the hot air for cool winds and spitting snow has been a welcome change.

Enjoy some photos from our time in Ladakh so far!

(Pictured: Students at Shanti Stupa, above Leh; the group at our Guesthouse about to watch the film Three Idiots; a view of Leh on a windy and cloudy day)

The We-Team