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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

some things i have seen in nepal

I have seen many baby goats.

I have seen the beauty of the snowy and baren mountains of Nepal.

I have seen the fog that blankets dawns.

I have seen baby monks yell through long prayers.

I have seen every monk that served us food at Namo Buddha.

I have seen the first vendor we interacted with in Bhaktapur city,

with a kindness that helped us find our way

I have seen sleeping so close to the earth for seventeen days.

I have seen Pasang

with a Yankees cap and a smile of support.

I have seen the time I shared screaming laughter with the three porters and Gar around the fire.

I have seen Kishor

with his willingness to build my passion and connect me to Nepal.

I have seen my didi in Chokati

I have seen her tharkari

I have seen her smile, bringing me closer to feeling belonging each time.

I have seen the satisfaction of speaking a sentence in Nepali without the help of a note

I have seen Nima didi,

a mother away from home

I have seen Pritabi,

bringing laughter to each day in Chokati with each antic.

I have seen the 14 people I shared every memory with.

I have seen the power I had to explore Nepal and myself.