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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Scavenger Hunt

Sabai dee!

To whom it may concern, we are writing from a travel agency’s internet cafe in Luang Prabang. We would like to share a photograph and a short story from our scavenger hunt today.

We began our hunt prowling the dark alleyways of the Talad Phou si marketplace, where we discovered 1) Gangnam Style dolls, 2) Laotian empanadas, and 3) fried wasp larvae. Upon realizing that we could not in good conscience purchase two of the aforementioned items (and many others that piqued our interest), we began ambulating toward the Wat Phou si. With our energy drained by the intensity of the sun, we hailed a tuk-tuk and made our way to the temple. After Myles repeatedly failed to find the entrance, Sarah successfully guided us through the gates. 330 steps later by Myles’ count (and 328 by Rob’s), we arrived at the summit thoroughly drenched in sweat; we are currently unfit. We then took some time to recharge in the shade of the golden stupa and to enjoy the panoramic view of the red-roofed city. Here is a photograph.