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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Sampela Group Yak: Gratitude

I am grateful for the women’s panel today. I appreciate them sharing their stories and opinions.

I am grateful for the conversation I had yesterday with my Bapak. Although I couldn’t understand what he was saying I really appreciated the gesture.

I fish with my dad back home in the US so I’m really grateful to get to share that love with my Bapak here.

I am grateful for the women sharing about the Bajao community today. Especially getting to hear from the Nenek about her days living in a boat.

I am grateful for my Bapak for always greeting me with a smile and making me laugh.

I am grateful to be around people who know the elements so intimately. To know when the rain is coming and the where the currents go

I am grateful for the fisherman. I feel really lucky to get to learn about the ocean from people who are so close to it.

I am grateful to have been allowed to go on my Bapak Tuna fishing trip this morning from 2-10. Watching him navigate through the sea in the darkness was beautiful.

I am grateful for my Ibu caring for me during the night that I was sick. She didn’t fuss over me or make me feel like a burden, but just stayed with me and massages my legs.

I am grateful to have been able to help my Bapak and Ibu weave a fishing net on the front porch today.

I am grateful for the morning I spent on the porch with my family adding fishing string to hooks for my Bapak’s fishing. We drank tea and ate treats, and we smiled as a rainbow came across the sky.

–2018 Indonesia Spring Semester Team