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Return from Rural Home-Stays

Our group has just returned from Tar, a remote mountain village where we have lived for the past week.

This has been an amazing time for our group to slow down, take time to ourselves, and move our bodies. Our days were spent helping home-stay families in the field, plowing, sowing seeds, picking up rocks, and chopping wood. We drank butter tea, milk tea, mint tea, black tea, and ginger tea. We ate traditional Ladakhi meals, learned local songs, and danced in the fields.

Tar has around eight inhabited houses. The families that live in Tar know hard work; they live with the seasons and now is the time they prepare for the upcoming growing season. With only four to five months of nice weather, days are long and full of tending to the land, the animals, and the house.

One week was not long enough for our time in Tar, but it was long enough to bring about a realization that meeting our basic needs is more meaningful when we do not rely on others to do things for us.