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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Photos from the X phase and moving into Transference

Namaste friends and families!

Here are some pictures of the the group in Sri Aurobindo Ashram such as working in the construction site of the Meditation hall, mealtimes, and a photo with Swami Ramchandra ( the founder of the ashram).

Now, we are in Bhaktapur, the old city of the Kathmandu valley where we started our beginning of the course and now we have come full circle! How amazing is that!! Here we will be doing workshops on transference – transferring the experience and knowledge back home with each of the students. We will be here in Bhaktapur until April 30 afternoon and will leave for the airport in the evening.

Can’t believe how quickly time has passed by.

With gratitude,
I team