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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

On Words, Gratitude and Teachings at Namo Buddha Monastery

I write to you to reflect upon an experience that I simply cannot put into words.


We have become so dependent on words and we have found great comfort in the ability to speak. Furthermore, because of this, we take speech for granted and we even manipulate our ability by partaking in so much mindLESS speech throughout our daily lives. While at our time in Namo Buddha monastery, my Dragon’s group and I let go of the comfort of speaking and took refuge in silence for two days.

While in these two days of silence, I delved deep within and reveled in contemplation without the pressure of words!


I spill my gratitude and write with pure motivation! Here, in this holy place I have gone through great transformation, personal growth and much contemplation. I have felt immense love and compassion. It only makes sense to feel this way as this monastery with built upon the compassion of Buddha himself! In one of his lifetimes, in a nearby cave, he sacrificed his body to a starving tiger laying among her cubs.


A Khenpo is a revered teacher in the Buddhist faith. To a devotee, being in the presence of one is a blessing and for a week, we learned from our very own Lama, Khenpo Tashi. Through his lessons on meditation and the Dharma, Buddha’s teaching, my mind opened to a new realm of thinking. With his teachings I am inspired to keep understanding myself in the vast world of spirituality.

For a man with so much wisdom, he remains humble. If a layman knew his wisdom, he would be shouting in pride.

To mom and dad, family and friends, I am sending all of my love to you! I continue to be humbled with gratitude for everything that I am experiencing here. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have so much to tell you all and can’t wait to share it with you in person and see the love on your faces. For now, know that I’m safe and that I have changed truly and for the better! All my love and light, namaste, Missy xoxo