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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Month Old Poem

Here is my month old poem from Jogja. Sorry for the late post. Enjoy  🙂 – Kate


One Month Gone, Eight Weeks Left

One month gone, eight weeks left
March is here, to Flores we jet
Off for our eyes to create a play
That we never thought we’d be able to say
“I was there! Can’t you see!!”

What I have learned, need to catch my breath
The faces in alleys, homes and shops
All come, none at a cost
They bring you honesty and sometimes a smile
If not a smile, maybe a stare
To see an American walk past them is rare

In the taxi, the driver asks you “where are you from?”
You say “America” and their eyes bright up
You are part of a place, a dream they all want to see
We hold the concept of prosperity and happiness
With our American “accents”
They wish you luck and thank you for being a moment in their life

Izzy is right, there is much green
Very few flowers I have seen
The rain keeps flowing down, reminds me of time
Be precious with it as you walk its ending line
To the people around me and in my heart,
You and time are all a part

The nasi (rice) is everywhere, comes in great quantity
They say to me, “If you don’t eat nasi, then you haven’t eaten”
It comes to your plate every morning you wake
Sticky and white, fried and brown, or maybe something else you’ve found
You may want a bagel with locks and all
But all that you have is nasi to call
So gobble up the abundant food
Remember the tastes, textures and smells

For once you are gone, eight weeks left,
You may be craving nasi next
The green hills you walked on
The faces you glimpsed at
The people you touched