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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


Now we are in Boudha. We left Patan. We finished our four week homestay. We will not see the Dragon’s Program House again–maybe the day before we leave. Both Patan and Boudha are in the Kathmandu Valley. Tomorrow we leave the Valley to go on a short, three day trek. We will trek to the monastery and spend five days there. Hooray for meditation and seeking a deep, all-knowing love within.

Here in Boudha we stay in a hotel. We spend time sitting in the grass, doing activities, reflecting on the course so far, and visiting the stupa this is how we celebrate being mid way through our course. Time here flies, truly.

The stupa is giant! Seriously, look up a picture of it on google images. When we arrived here, the energy was very intense! We were mesmerized as we walked around the stupa three times in silent prayer. Maybe the energy was intense because they built a giant universal symbol in a very holy place. Maybe that has something to do with it. Hard to imagine that forty years ago this place was surrounded by only small houses and farm land. All things must pass. That is the nature of our universe. All stars eventually burn out. And galaxies end. But what lies behind the life and death ? : )

Love. Love does!
Who has realized we are eternal? The enlightened being has. They have walked the path, seeing beyond the cycle of creation and destruction. pretty… cool… stuff….
You can read about these people if you’d like. You can even read what they said.

Ok, back to earth. I went to Panama and a friend there gave me a seed to a tree. Andrea Scott gave me a stone from the Ganges River. My host father in Patan made them both into necklaces! Now they will always be with me. They are beautiful!!