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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Mero Chokati Pariwaar

I received my homestay family in Choakti and I couldn’t be more happy. I told them in Nepali to work me like an ox and they haven’t let me down. I’ve spent plenty of time in the fields with them tilling the soil. My family owns a bunch of land and grows many different crops (corn, beans, chilies, cauliflower, etc.). My family consists of a younger brother and sister as well as and older sister and her son who is my nephew, as well as my mom and dad and a grandmother. While the communication is tough, I have done well at making them know I care about and appreciate them very much and that I am willing to help out in any way that I need. After a week, my sisters as well as my nephew and grandmother went to Bhaktapur so that is sad to see them go but I wished them the best. There was a party the other night and I had a dance off with a couple grandmothers and grandfathers and I can’t wait to show my family in America the funny videos when I get home. Since we now leave here in two days, I’m realizing how important it has been to experience this part of the trip and how blessed I am to have the resources I do at home. It’ll be sad to leave this wonderful place but I’m excited to enter X-phase and Transference.