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108 braids... the devotional representation of a sacred Tibetan number. Photo by Rebecca Thom, China Semester.

Kunming Departure!

Hello family and friends,

The BYChina group has departed Kunming for their May travels. They left yesterday, 4/28, via train and after two long days of travel they have arrived at the Erfo Temple in Maitan old town. The group is currently located about two hours from Chongqing. Tomorrow, 4/30, the group will receive an introduction to the community and beautiful temple, founded around 881 AD. Tuesday and Wednesday the students will have the opportunity to participate in a silent retreat. During this time, there will be no access to electronics, including phones, etc. On Thursday the students will debrief their experience and on Friday the group will take off for their next adventure (likely a rural homestay). We will share more details about this in the coming days.

With gratitude for your support!

Elizabeth Johnson
Dragons Princeton Bridge Year Program Director