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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Kukura Maasu

I have killed two chickens here in Chokati and have been the only one in the group to do so to even one chicken. I did it in two different ways. The first time, I cut the head off with my khukuri knife as my 13 year old homestay brother held it down which while gruesome was much better than the second way I did it. The second time, my homestay father encouraged me to hold the chicken’s wings back and the head with my pointer finger. I then cut the throat of the chicken and let the blood drip out over the side of one terrace onto the other. This way affected me a bit. I can do the first way again but not the second. I respect the life of the animal I kill and want to do it in the quickest way possible. Chopping its head off is a much quicker and easier way to do it for someone with no experience doing it in this way. I feel like some of my peers were a little shocked and even I was a little as well. I eat meat though and if I couldn’t kill the animal myself, I shouldn’t eat meat at all and I believe that. Just eating the meat and not being able to kill it for yourself just shows a lack of respect for the meat and life you’re taking and eating. This experience is one that is hard to come by in the states especially in the city life so I wanted to feel that feeling because I did learn about myself in this experience and I’m grateful for it. Life is a crazy thing and this trip and each separate experience I have had whether in the city or countryside has taught me about life and I couldn’t be more thankful. I love my family ands miss them very much.