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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Just Some Journal Entries, I Guess (part the Second)

4/4 – I was sluggish getting up again. The trek was a bit rough, but overall good. Lots of great views. I talked with Izzy for a good portion of it as well. There was a little girl sitting at the side of the road, and as we walked by she would scream “baloon!” It was strange. Upon reaching camp, we found holes in our rainfly. This explains why we’ve had consistent flooding inside our tent. Fortunately, duct tape solves all problems. We then tipped our tent upside-down so the sun would dry the bottom. However, we made a critical error in deciding to put it just at the edge of a small cliff. Izzy and I sat down to talk, and noticed this fact. We discussed the possibility of it flying away, or tumbling down the cliff, and agreed to leave it there and see what happens. We then got to talking about Star Wars (I’ve fully integrated him now), and moments later I hear Pasang say “Bhai (little brother), your tent.” I look away from Izzy just in time to see the corner of our tent disappear off the side of the cliff. I promptly jumped up from my spot, sprinted toward the edge, and tripped over a rock. I then continued off the ledge and rocketed down the steep side as our tent comically bounced its way down, all the while shouting “nonononononononononononono” loud enough for the entire camp to hear me even after leaping off the cliff. I remained airborne for a solid three seconds at one point before minorly colliding with the tent and shoving it into a bush to stop it from falling further. I then picked it up over my head and carried it back up to the top, where we promptly staked it to the ground. Later that night we had “intentional tea dates,” where we were instructed to sit down and have tea with someone in the group we haven’t talked much with. I paired up with Macy. We weren’t sure where to start, or what to even talk about. Then she asked me to tell her about Star Wars, since she didn’t know anything about it, and she had noticed that Izzy and I had a now week-and-a-half-long conversation about it going. For the next two hours and fifteen minutes I regaled her with everything there was to know about the prequel trilogy and A New Hope (we were going to cut it off at Revenge of the Sith, but she asked me to do another since she got so invested in the first three). She wants to go through the rest of the series tomorrow. I’ve now converted two members of the group. Maya and Kathryn also said they were interested in having a talk about it sometime in the future. My pride is immeasurable. Today was a great day.

4/5 – Oh boy, was today a day. The trek started off with me discussing Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi to Macy, then I spent about two hours finally doing what I’ve wanted to do since the beginning of the trek: I finally gave Izzy a two hour-long lecture on the history of the Sith. I probably enjoyed it more than he did, simply kuz it’s one of my favorite topics. For the second leg of the trek I carried the med bag, which was hellish. Though it was easy to forget about once we got going, due to the unbelievable views. Clarke also took a picture of me, him, and Pasang, where I look like Post Malone. Upon reaching camp I tried to hurry along the setting up of the toilet tent due to a case of imminent detonation. It was not a fun time. I ran figure-eights around the area to keep myself collected. Later we had intentional tea dates again, and I paired up with Lyza this time. We took a short walk to find a nice, semi-precarious rock to chill on while we chatted. We had a really deep conversation, and then seamlessly transitioned into pointing out the fact that one of the clouds looked like a lobster, and commenting on its gradual transition into other shape, talked about memes, home, and then we returned to the dining tent for more tea. After replenishing, we went out to an even more precarious spot (a stone wall on the edge of a small cliff that turned into a fairly steep hill, with a small crop field laying at the bottom) and sat down there. We went back into really deep topics, discussing all kinds of stuff. We finished off with changing the topic to music, and I hummed a song that I had stuck in my head during the trek. After that we decided to have a dance party. We got off the wall and danced to a historical metal song that she sung. I got a little too into it. I started leaning back while punching at the air and lost my balance. I happened to be standing next to a part of the wall that had been damaged, just enough that as I fell back I tripped over it and for a second day in a row careened down a cliff (this one being much smaller, fortunately). I did maybe three summersaults before just sliding down on my chest for a few feet, at which point I grabbed onto the ground and held myself in place. I was lucky enough to’ve only banged my knee on one of my small flips. Upon climbing back over the hill, I immediately had to slowly lower myself back to the ground so I wouldn’t fall over from laughing so hard at what had just happened. Lyza was in a similar condition, as were the porters who happened to be walking by in the distance and saw me disappear over the edge. My knee hurt only for a few seconds, because my stomach hurt a few orders of magnitude more from laughing so hard. After recovering from the laughter, Lyza and I proceeded to walk to the center of a flat field to continue our dance party. What a day.

4/7 – I had a bit of a rough start to the day. While using the toilet tent, my pill bottle fell out of my pocket into the hole we had dug into the ground for said tent. Later that morning, I had another incident where I slipped while using it and 4 inches of my foot sunk into the hole, and my butt landed on a pointy rock. The trek today was also very taxing, so it was a bit of a rough day up to the point where I got to meditate briefly at camp. Kathryn and I had to set up the toilet tent, which neither of us knew how to do. So we had a bit of a comical time fumbling around with it after digging the hole. Lyza ended up helping us do it. I took a nap, and then we had a campfire dinner. We finished off the night with an emotional goodbye ceremony with the porters and kitchen crew. There was cake again, and the porters and kitchen crew sang Nepali songs around the campfire while the girls sang ‘08 pop songs.