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Introduccion de Instructora: Hola a todos!

Hola estudiantes, profesores y padres de familia!

I am Itza Martinez de Eulate Lanza alongside Luis I’ll be one of the two instructors that will be with you during this amazing journey.

A little bit about me, I was born in Managua, Nicaragua. My parents are a Nicaraguan Sandinista woman and a Spanish man who came in order to help out the during the times after the revolution.

I am part of the first generation of Nicaraguans born during the time of peace, which I am very grateful for, because I was raised in a beautiful environment of joy, happiness, cultural changes, and hope. I was able to do all the things my mom wasn’t able to, because the dictatorship or just because of lack of money in her family, I took dance classes, music classes, painting classes, and I went to watch thousands of theater plays, I got an education which I am very thankful for.

Eventually, I went to the Universidad Centroamericana, in Managua to study Environmental Engineering, because I’ve always liked nature and being outside, and also I was seeking for a way to contribute the growing of the country that has giving me so much. During the time I was studying I tried to work with different NGOs and private companies, basically to better understand different environmental issues and approaches to them. One of my favorite work experiences of all was being a volunteer in the Centro de Entendimiento para la Naturaleza, a natural reserve station in Matagalpa that we are actually going to visit during our time at Nicaragua!

I’ve been working for Dragons consistently since last fall in Bolivia and Peru, and I love the idea of learning outside the school, but this will be my first course in my home country of Nicaragua! So I am more than excited to share this experience with all of you! and be able to share what I’ve learn from my family and all the different experiences I have living in such an incredible place!

Nos vemos pronto,